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MT Rainier Eruption Soon

Birth Pang Judgments Increasing to Awake a Sleeping Church

by Charles Pretlow 05/26/2018


Stay dressed for action and keep your lamps burning, and be like men who are waiting for their master to come home from the wedding feast, so that they may open the door to him at once when he comes and knocks. Blessed are those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes. Truly, I say to you, he will dress himself for service and have them recline at table, and he will come and serve them” (Luke 12:35-37).

Mount Rainier Erupting and Spewing Lava

As a Pacific Northwest native, my heart is burden about what the Lord has shown me coming to the Puget Sound region of America. I am compelled to warn.

This warning is meant for the sincere Christian who knows Christ, who has an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to God’s people in this hour—and particularly to the churches immediately due west of MT Rainier.

The Lord started this warning through a dream I had during the week of March 25th, 2012. In the dream, the Puget Sound area of the Northwest was the location of volcanic activity that included earthquakes, lava flow, forest fires, ash, and bellowing smoke, making great portions of the land bleak and desolate. Ash covered most of the land and trees, and there were numerous forest fires.

In the dream, the region was ringed by mountains just as it is in the Puget Sound region—ringed by the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges—but some of these mountains were spewing lava and erupting with volcanic activity.

I decided in April of 2012, to put the content of this message in book format for private distribution, thinking that word of mouth was the appropriate way to bring forth the message.

Then in May of 2014, I had another dream that was more specific and very detailed. This dream led to updating the original book, assigning it an ISBN, and making it available for retail distribution. (Since then, only a handful of Christians have received this message, and only few passed it on to others.)

In my second dream I was looking south towards Seattle from afar, in some house near the Mt. Vernon area, at least that was my sense of location. The Seattle skyline with the space needle was vivid, and Mount Rainier towered in the background. In this scene, Mount Rainier began to bellow smoke (perhaps ash) from its western slope, and then suddenly the smoke or ash turned to molten lava spewing forth.

In the forefront of this scene (within the house), the TV and Internet suddenly stopped, then a second or two later these two mediums resumed broadcasting and operating as normal, then the dream ended.

These prophetic dreams are not the first warnings I have received from the Lord. View a recent Sunday message that explains how the Lord has led me to this moment, to warn others of impending destruction. View God is Raising His Voice on YouTube.

MT Rainier Lahar (Volcanic mudflows) Danger Zones

This prophetic warning is primarily meant for the masses of people who live, work, or own businesses within MT Rainier’s volcanic mudflow paths. These people are the most at risk to die almost instantly, possibly within less than an hour of the mudflow warning.

We are conveying this prophetic warning for those living in the projected lahar danger zones, specifically for Christian leadership to act and warn those in their care. In addition, we will attempt to share this warning with major Christian media ministries—to get the message out further.

Scientists, seismologist, and volcanologists studying MT Rainier’s history have set up early warning systems for people living in MT Rainier’s likely volcanic mudflow paths.

Despite the government warning systems now in place, scientist estimate that over 20,000 people will suffer loss of life. MT Rainier poses extreme risk to life and property, as many communities are situated atop old lahar deposits. View History Channel’s video on YouTube entitled: Mount Rainier Volcano is a Ticking Time Bomb – 2015 Documentary. Viewing this 44 minutes video will help one understand and hopefully take to heart Mt. Rainer’s deadly destructive force.

Why the prophetic warning for Christians living in these lahar destruction zones? The lahar warning system reacts and warns after the event begins, after the mudflows start. This warning system gives just minutes to evacuate to higher ground.

For example, people living in the town of Orting will have maybe 40 minutes to rush to higher safe ground. The 30 ft wall of volcanic mudflow travels at 40 miles per hour. Highways will be jammed, people running to safety will be overtaken by ash and pumice mixed into hot concrete-like mud, carrying all manner of debris.

Therefore, scientists calculate that up to 20,000 or more people will lose their life in this wall of volcanic mud that won’t stop until it hits Puget Sound.

God’s Warning System

Scientists know Rainier is overdue to erupt, but they do not know when. However, God does know, and he warns through his prophets. When MT Rainier begins to increase in earthquake activity (swarms of small earthquakes and larger tremors) and other initial indicators, then know that it is time to make way to high ground by relocating in advance or finding a place to stay temporarily.

Many will say it won’t happen, however, the Lord is saying, it will happen this time. If people wait until Rainier blows, it will be too late for many to run or drive to safety. Staying in shelter will not save anyone caught in the path a lahar mudflow tsunami.

God does still warn through his servants and He expects those in leadership to hear from God for themselves by confirming with the Lord concerning prophesy. If confirmed, then they are held accountable to be led by the Holy Spirit in helping others in their care, to be ready.

This prophesy is given to pastors and elders who minister and live in MT Rainier lahar danger zones—that they might warn and work with others—to pray, seek God’s direction and become ready to flee to safety before MT Rainier erupts.

Birth Pang Wake Up Judgments

Except for a few sold-out bond-servants of Christ, most of the people of God are asleep. Christians have heard warnings over and over—yet life goes on. Because the bridegroom (the returning Christ) is delayed, most believers are slumbering, and many are “out cold”—sound asleep. Even now, as the signs of his coming scream GET READY, few are awake or prepared for his return. Jesus said, “So also, when you see these things taking place, you know that he is near, at the very gates” (Matthew 13:29).

God in his faithfulness is about to wake up more of his people by raising his voice to another level, using earthshaking signs. The earth will soon recoil again and again to awaken a sleeping church to help gather his lost sheep in a rebellious world. God will allow violent earthquakes and volcanic activity that is beyond any modern historical precedence.

All the recent devastating earthquakes in various places will seem minor compared to this next round of shaking. In some areas of the world, the air, land, and sea will shake and spew volcanic eruptions, causing millions to take pause with a sense of doom.

Even now, as the volcanic activity on the “Big Island” of Hawaii continues, millions worldwide gaze, almost spellbound at the images streaming online, like watching a light show. This hot spot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on American soil—that won’t slow down in gushing forth lava, is God raising His voice. Still, God’s people are asleep. When MT Rainier blows, how many of God’s people will wake up and realize the end is at the very gates?

Most Important: Read the Prophetic Warning Yourself and embrace Christ’s discipline to help you become prepared. Just because you see the truth of the coming troubles leading to Christ appearance doesn’t prove that you are ready. Become prepared and strengthened in Christ, don’t become complacent and lethargic. This prophetic warning outlines how to work with God in becoming ready, God’s way.

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