Month: July 2019

Heat Wave and Lawlessness

Prepare for Resource Disruptions, Increased Homelessness and Riots, and Martial Law

By Charles Pretlow 07/19/2019


“The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it was allowed to scorch people with fire.  They were scorched by the fierce heat, and they cursed the name of God who had power over these plagues. They did not repent and give him glory” (Revelation 16:8-9).

In May of this year the Lord gave me a warning dream. In this dream I watched people in a park sitting at picnic tables eating and talking and some were walking around with plates of food.

I noticed that grass at this park was withered, dry and brown. In the middle of the pathway between the picnic tables was a large pile of human excrement.

The people at this park ignored this abhorrent pile of human feces, stepping over and around it, while they continued to have a good time talking and eating.

Then abruptly the scene was interrupted by large military transport planes flying over head as soldiers parachuted out of these planes. Then above the troop transport planes, fighter jets flew as escorts, and helicopters appeared at lower altitudes.

The people at the picnic did not take notice; however, then the scene changed, and I witnessed a city police chief in uniform sitting at his desk, he was talking on the phone. I heard this police chief say several times, “Yes, I understand.” The dream ended.

I shared this dream with our ministry team and gave the following interpretation:

Extreme heat waves are going to hit America and the land will be scorched from the heat. Grass will dry out at parks and other community playgrounds and recreational areas will be devestated. Yet people will still pursue a picnic like mentality.

The people who will suffer the most in this coming heat wave will be the homeless. The homeless crisis is ever mounting in such cities as San Francisco, LA, and other major cities across the nation.

Gangs and protesters like Antifa, along with the poor will become even more agitated by the scorching heat.  Riots and protests will become impossible to manage by the local police in certain cities. To add to the miserable heat wave(s) will come disruptions to vital resources along with power outages.

The local police will have to stand down in some of these metropolitan hot spots and watch as martial law is declared to rapidly deploy national guard units to squelch the destruction and mayhem. Mobs of disgruntled homeless and bored teens strung out on drugs and alcohol will protest and disrupt, all this will que gangs and anarchists to jump into the melee and spread violence to businesses and residential communities.

This current heat wave is a sample of what is to come. It may not come into full fruition until next summer as the nation’s political divisiveness increases. Already Europe is complaining a record setting heat wave.

I want to share an excerpt from our latest ministry team update letter to emphasize the seriousness of this current heat wave and the potential trouble to certain communities across our nation.

July 13th Ministry Update Excerpt

Warning to be on the alert: I want to encourage everyone; this summer is going to see an increase in spiritual oppression upon true ministries and the serious disciple of Christ. This coincides with a prophetic warning dream I received a couple of months ago.

The gist of that dream was that we are in for a very hot and dry summer around the world and in America. Some cities will experience riots so intense that marshal law will have to be declared. This may not come into full fruition until next summer. Already Europe is suffering one of the hottest summers on record. Heat waves are coming and will cause fires and water shortages. Some places, the heat will be terribly intense, like last year in Dubai where the temperature reached above 165 degrees Fahrenheit – causing bushes and palm trees to ignite spontaneously.

Remember the Ferguson riots of the recent past summer and the increasing homeless crisis in LA and SF. Even here in Canon City, homelessness is becoming a nuisance to businesses and the parks, as the city council begs for help. Homelessness and racial rage will continue to spark trouble as the summer heat becomes exasperating.

So, as each of you travel this summer and go about your normal business during the day, be on the alert even more. Unstable and enraged people are demonically catching on fire like the bushes and palm trees in Dubai. These people are enraged and acting out evil as described in 2 Peter 2.

Pay attention to the national headlines for one week and you will see the insane and evil acts taking place everywhere. Fellowships and Christians are not exempt, for many people who seem stable at first and come disguised as Christian but will ignite into rage and cause much trouble. Some of these people are actually sent by the devil to cause wounded believers to struggle and backslide. We have encountered many coming to our recovery ministry that appear harmless, but then lose mental and emotional stability when triggered by the least inconvenience and then burst into irrational rage causing trouble and harm to others.

“But these, like irrational animals, creatures of instinct, born to be caught and destroyed, blaspheming about matters of which they are ignorant, will also be destroyed in their destruction, suffering wrong as the wage for their wrongdoing. They count it pleasure to revel in the daytime. They are blots and blemishes, reveling in their deceptions, while they feast with you.  They have eyes full of adultery, insatiable for sin. They entice unsteady souls. They have hearts trained in greed. Accursed children!” 2 (Peter 2:12-14).

Last week’s message on anger will help us understand how the demonic is finding opportunity by inciting pent-up murderous rage to be released, both, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Being spiritually hit by someone enraged with you can pack a wallop. Pay attention to your interactions with everyone and continue to work on our own inner issues that can make us more susceptible to the nasty side-effects of a spiritual hit. Also, we need to work on our Christ-like attitudes while going through trials and tests.

Read A Response from a Team Member located in New York City

Hey Chuck,

Thanks for the update. Last week we had a guest staying with us and on Saturday, my wife and I gave her a tour of NYC.  We eventually ended up in Times Square early evening since our guest wanted to go the M&M store on Broadway and 49th to pick up gifts for her younger sister.  We started walking from 42nd towards uptown and noticed on the west side of the Times Square from 42nd and north the stores, signs and billboards were all dark.  After we arrived and finished at the M&M store, we made our way south back to 42nd.  On our walk towards 42nd, the crowds were getting thicker which is normal and even more so with the power outage.  Even though we did know the extent of the power outage, we decided to head home and went directly to the subway, and unbeknownst to us we seemed to have caught one of the last 7 trains to Queens before the power outage affected the subway system.

During this entire time, most people had no idea what was going on at ground level, so the crowds of people and traffic were somewhat normal for Saturday evening in Times Square.  As we were walking to and from the M&M store through Times Square, I was focused on conversations around me.  And I then mentioned to my wife while we were walking that I’m noticing people (i.e. tourists, couples, friends, etc.) irate with each other.  Some wives were yelling at husbands and storming off in front, some men were cursing up storms over foolishness, etc.  My wife then said to me this is normal around here and why I am surprised.  I then said to her – I know, but the intensity of anger, bitterness and hatred is much greater, it’s one thing to be angry and argue and in NYC, people do it in public all the time, however, people were downright vicious with each other.

Some might say – well maybe the power outage had an effect.  Maybe, however, we go through this in different parts of NYC every summer, and there is always a strong police presence.  If one part of the city is dark, people either stay out in a weird way to enjoy the experience, or walk to another neighborhood, etc.  We are talking about normal looking people with families – where one or two in the group just exploded.  You look into their eyes and they are filled with rage.

I mention all this since what you wrote in the ministry update: “Unstable and enraged people are demonically catching on fire like the bushes and palm trees in Dubai.” “…appear harmless, but then lose mental and emotional stability when triggered by the least inconvenience and then burst into irrational rage…”

Concerning your comments on the homeless crisis, here to we are noticing increased homelessness.  What I’ve noticed recently are couples, which were not too common in the past.  Couples with suitcases and belongings setting up camp in shaded areas, using suitcases, boxes and shopping carts to create makeshift shelter.

As for the political climate and the racial tensions, they are intensifying as more people mobilize and march, especially here back east.  So far many of the marches and assemblies have been peaceful.  However, that can change quickly if are far radical groups participate to incite riots. END OF RESPONSE.

Christians are Asleep having a Year-Round Picnic

We can allow fake science to blame heat waves and other natural upheavals on global warming and climate change, as we ignore the biblical prophetic warnings concerning the end of this age. However, the truth is that God is allowing the sun to scorch the earth because of the mounting sins and the ever-increasing wickedness as the-end-this-age races towards us. This coming heat wave(s) is a foretaste of what is coming soon.

It is time to wake up and allow the Lord to prepare each of us to be strengthened in Him that we may be able to escape what is about to befall America and the whole world.

New Author and His New Up-and-Coming Book

I’m going to take a moment to introduce a new author, Dean Cook, who was my Navy Chaplain while I was in the Marines stationed in Hawaii. Dean led me to Lord back in 1973.

He has commissioned Wilderness Voice Publishing to publish his next title which is very timely:

Global Warning and End-Times A Spiritual and Scientific Issue

Dean retired from the Navy and served in Viet Nam, and has a BA in Biblical Literature, Master of Divinity and Doctor of Divinity. This book will be his fourth.

Keep Dean in your prayers as well as our other authors as we bring sound doctrine in book format via Wilderness Voice Publishing.

Look for the release of “Global Warning and End-Times” soon.

Keep pressing in, abiding in Christ so you can confidently trust the Lord to deliver, provide, and protect.

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